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Who are we?

How many of us have built or renovated and found the whole process fraught with frustration…?

As consumers we have found it hard to get the information we need at the right time to make sound

decisions, so often finding ourselves backed into a corner and making decisions “on the hop” only to

see how we missed the optimum outcome… Oh for that retrospect-scope!

Well, we at the Building Website have been there as well… and know the difficulties of getting timely

information from the experts in their fields, and at competitive prices, and with backup when

required so good planning can get truly excellent results.

We are creating a platform where you – whether you are an owner builder, a project manager or

someone in between – can engage with the contractors and tradies, suppliers and designers, those

with an eye to technology, attention to detail, and a commitment to customer satisfaction … where

even those midnight planning enquiries can be logged in and followed up… Your time matters… so

make your time count!

The planning process can happen on your terms… enabling you to find amongst our growing lists of

professionals in the building industry – tradesmen and suppliers – the right people to work and do

business with, to get the answers and achieve the results.

We start in Tasmania, where the opportunities previously offered by display centres has “fallen in a

heap”. The Building Website is setting out to fill that void so that you – the consumer – can find the

people to talk to, to get the information and services you need. It is a 2-way street, because we are

enabling many businesses to better market their goods and services in this one stop shop of ideas.

This website initiative is the brainchild of Jeff Ross (digital marketing and website designer

extraordinaire) and George Manifold (small town lighting expert) – we all need our titles! We have

identified a need where customers in the building industry particularly in regional centres are

frustrated in their quest for excellence… and we are convinced we have the digital solution to this

problem. The businesses who list on our website are committed to a high standard of customer

service and are seeking new and innovative ways to engage with their customers. These businesses

are switched on, and are able to dovetail their digital marketing with the building website so we will

be The one stop shop on line for anything to do with the building industry…



Jeffery Ross

“I have been working in marketing for quite some time… Each new client has challenges unique to them, but there is also a lot of similarities… and like so many of us I am looking for ways to streamline processes where I can…

While I have assisted clients in a wide range of enterprises, many are involved with the building industry… These individuals and businesses are having to adapt to the changing world, where bricks and mortar Home Display Centres particularly in the regional centres are struggling to keep up with the changing expectations of the customers….

We are all on a journey, and I hope TBW is able to bring customers together with the range of enterprises that comprise the building industry”.

Jeffery is married to Sarah and they have 2 and a half kids!


George Manifold

“We each have our own reasons for doing what we do, and where we find ourselves in time and space. I have made the transition from Retailer – boutique lighting shop in Launceston – to running an office-based business on-line and “under the radar” as customers have lead the charge in sourcing a lot of stuff on-line. My concern always has been what do the customers really want…

what is the situation – the problem – that needs to be “sorted out” … what result are they actually after? This process is hard to automate… we need to talk… get and give sound advice… find the product which suits.

My involvement with TBW has evolved having worked with Jeff. There is a need and an opportunity to bring customers together with suppliers, tradespeople and other professionals in the building industry with sound advice and the latest ideas and developments.

My role is administration and coordination. We want the whole building industry in regional areas to benefit, and to grow.”

George is in his prime (middle aged – whatever that means) and lives with a cat. He has recently bought a second hand Alfa Romeo!

Learn How TBW Can Help You

We understand the frustrations that is possible when building or renovating, from finding the right Tradesperson, to finding the best service and suppliers, This is why we created The Building Website. We are your Virtual Home Ideas centre and we are here to help take away this frustration by providing a one-stop shop to help you with all your building needs…

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Search for your local tradesperson, service or supplier.

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